dimanche 8 mai 2011

Suitcase of memories.

Sometimes, usually when I’m worried about what I’m going to do with my life, I just sit on my bedroom’s floor and open my suitcase of memories. I use to think it’s not good to live in the past, but I just can’t help watching my old pictures, poking around in those flight tickets, those all-around-the-world-currencies, and wondering if I’ll once have the opportunity of filling another suitcase with new moments shared with my friends and family. Here are a few of the moments I can think about at the moment.

- Easter’s celebration when I was a kid. The bells were hiding chocolate and presents all around the garden and I could spend hours seeking for them. A few weeks ago I found some old videos of me running over the garden, looking for those presents.

- The day, in Munich, when I was with Clara, and we got a bill in the subway because we didn’t pay for our month-pass yet. We were supposed to go out and grab a coffee somewhere, but we had to give all our money for that bill. That evening, we even considered begging for money in the train station.

- When I used to release video footages of me singing and dancing in the streets. On the set of one video, it was winter, and I danced on a frozen fountain. It was freezing cold and I was in T shirts. I almost ended with a pneumonia.

- From age 6 to 13, I used to spend every July in a camp, in the forest. I was usually crying when I was arriving at the place and leaving my parents, but in the end of the camp, I didn’t want to leave anymore. There, I learned how to live with people, and I shared so many experiences. I had my first kiss, and my first “love-story” with another boy.

- In San-Francisco, last year, I used to spend a lot of time with my friends Chantal, Maria Paz, Sophie and Francesca. We used to go out eating, go for field trips and ice cream after class. It was so nice to have them with me, and I miss them a lot because they were always Cheering me up. I loved our day in Sausalito, Chantal and Maria, I enjoyed so much our trip to Napa valley with Amber, Sophie, And the trip to Alcatraz to end your stay in SF, Francesca.

- I remember I loved so much when I was spending a week end at my sister’s place. We were turning the radio on, and started dancing. We cooked some horrible dishes that used to end up in the trashcan, and got pizzas delivered. We were going to the movies, watching some childish movies (must have been a pain in the ass for my sis). I loved that.

- The Rheto’s day at College, when everyone was disguised in some funny pictures. I was a punk with a couple of friends, and I honestly think we were the best punks ever, although I had never seen a punk dancing on a Madonna track.

- Holidays in Greece with my parents. We had this friend who had a sailboat, and we just spent weeks going on all the islands and the Turkish coast, meeting locals, and eating typical food. So nice.

- And then, there’s the boys. I met the greatest lovers in the world, and the worst assholes. I can’t say I met many of them, but when I think about it, there’s a sweet memory for each of them, and nightmares about them. One thing is sure, I can never forget about them.

- And those incredible parties I’ve had. In Brussels, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles,…

Okay, I should stop here for now, I’ll write some more in a few weeks (months?). Thanks’ for reading this second English-language article, and thank you for sharing those memories with me!

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